Fishing trips

Would you like to go fishing with a proffesional fisherman?

“Captain STORM”, Børge Iversen , 45 years as a coastal fisherman, would like to take you to Vestfjorden.

Between the 15.06 to 31.08 you can join Børge on a venture into the Vestfjord trying to catch the BIG one

The trips starts at 2 pm. Each trip has a duration of 3 hours, and he will go up to 3 times pr. day if necessary,

(Then at 10 am and 18pm )

From 01.June to 31. August

  • Price pr adult :   750 NOK.
  • Student: 650 NOK and  
  • children under /10 year : 450 NOK

Includes: safety wests, fishing equipmet (hand line, rods ), The captain will also help you with how to use them, and show you how to do, also slice filet.


  1. We will take the weather into consideration before leaving shore.
  2. Use warm clothing, there will always be colder at sea.


Email us at:

Call us: +47 48113565
Directly to the boat: +47 90926056


About us

In 1991 when we bought the fish receiving company, we immediately started improving the equipment so that we could produce our own catch, so called "self production". Then we started the laborious work of preparing the cabins for rental. By the summer of 1994, we had two cabins for rental. Coastal fishing was prioritized for a couple years, because that's what we do for a living. Renting out cabins was mostly a hobby, but the enjoyment that followed made this a very pleasant additional business, with a lot of value. 
Sjøstrand rorbuer has always been and still is a family business. We are focusing on authentic experiences, happy guests and personal service. 

Contact us

Welcome to us. We are looking forward to hearing from you regarding bookings of accomodation or trips. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 
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